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Witness the 'Taste of Downtown' at Griffin where you get to observe all of the city offers in just 1 venue

Griffin is a city in Georgia under the Spalding County, that is part of the Atlanta metropolitan region.

Known as the "Iris City," Griffin has grown from a rail "boomtown" into a thriving metro Atlanta suburb that has been showcased as a manufacturing site in a number of movies and tv shows including "The Walking Dead" and "The Hunger Games" and in History Channel's television show "Top Gear."

Recognized among the United States' historical places, Griffin features a beautiful and whole old downtown district at which you can find nearly anything, from food to clothing, accessories, culture and arts.

The downtown district has gotten streetscape beautification projects to maintain its historic value, infused with a modern touch to go for the times.

Twice per year, the Griffin Downtown Council sponsors a "Taste of Downtown Griffin" -- held first Thursday of May and October -- where tourists and locals alike have been given a dose of amusement, excitement and tons of surprises over the historic downtown district.

They could do their shopping in the downtown and also dine for their heart's content amid town's historic buildings and landscaped centres.

Downtown's antique shops are providing the best prices in town while unique restaurants and specialty shops are a spot to go to for great food and fashionable products.

Griffin and the Spalding County have been famous for their involvement in the artwork, foremost of which are ballet, choral songs and drama, steered from the leadership of the Griffin Area Arts Alliance, which helped restore the Griffin Auditoriumand also a 1100-seat facility which serves as the place of the annual concert series of this Griffin Community Concert Association and the Griffin Ballet Theatre productions.

Apart from this "Taste of Downtown," locals and tourists are also treated to various activities throughout the year, with parades and fireworks to celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July and the yearly Iris City Beauty Pageants.

Every October, adults and kids alike would certainly enjoy the midway games and rides during the Kiwanis Spalding County Fair.

Local entertainers are hired to enliven the occasion while artists and craftsmen joined in displaying their masterpieces,

During the first weekend of May, the Great Griffin Mayfling Arts and Crafts Festival can be held.
These, and other activities, are held annually to reveal the city's streetscape plan along with the unique architecture of this historical downtown district.

This is to flaunt Griffin's booming area with a proud historic ago.

Griffin, GA

Griffin is website a town in Spalding County that is Part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, known for landowner Col. Lewis Lawrence Griffin.

There Are a lot of actions that await every visitor in Griffin.

This Year, Griffin will sponsor the Chamber of Commerce Gala and the Atlanta Motor Speedway NASCAR at September, the Kiwanis of Griffin Fair, the Downtown Trick or Treating and also the Doctober Day Downtown Griffin in October.


The Annual Christmas parade will also be held in December (see here for the full collection of 2017 events in Griffin

Every October which attracts both young and older who enjoy midway games and rides.

This year's fair is slated on Oct. 6 to 14 and features live performances from the Rollin' Bones, Rachel Hale and Confederate Railroad. Check here for additional information

The Griffin Area Concert Association Is once more presenting a succession of shows, most of which is the comeback performance of globally acclaimed and award winning guitarist Pavlo on October 10.

Pavlo has made a name for himself by Offering a musical amalgam he simply calls "blossom music" -- a blend of Greek, flamenco, Latin as well as Balkan flavours wrapped in contemporary pop. Click here for information

On Sept. 23, the 19th annual Olivia Andrews Tab Run will kick off that will bring participants into a 70-mile round-trip race into the Doc Holiday BBQ and Blues Festival, to be held in support to the Ronald McDonald House of Children's Charities. Check here for additional details

Spice up your October with the Halloween Hikes slated on

Want to miss if you're looking for a special experience. Your kids will surely love the well-lit increase through the forest to meet woodland animals and hear about their lives.

Halloween Hikes is a Great non-scary alternative to the Traditional Halloween activity that many people used to possess. Check here for more details

1 at the Griffin Auditorium.

Nutcracker because they dance their ways into the center of everyone.

"The Nutcracker" features over 100 local, Talented dancers aged 4 to 18 and skilled guest dancers from Carolina Ballet Theatre at Greenville, South Carolina. Visit this site for more Information

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